Daniel Mentz was born and raised in Roedermark, a small town near Frankfurt am Main in Germany. He began dancing Rock 'n Roll when he was 6 years old, which in turn developed his love for performance and the fine arts. Consequently, he often "borrowed" his mom's video camera, gathered his friends and produced short films and documentaries.

After graduating High School, Daniel went on to college and majored in English, Politics and Economics. He continued to write, direct and star in films throughout his formal education.

Following college, he worked for his father's import/export company until he was drafted for Germany's mandatory military duty. But opting for the substitute community service closer to home instead, he was able to help his struggling mom during the financial crisis.

Daniel applied and got accepted at a local emergency medical service (EMS). During his nine months of work, he vacationed in Hollywood for a week to scout for acting schools. He finished his remaining time at the EMS and moved to Los Angeles in February 2009. He has since become a US Permanent Resident and continues to work his craft in writing, directing and acting.

Slipaway is his directorial feature film debut.